NameChristian Ogilvie , 701
FatherWalter Ogilvie Of Boyne , 5788 (~1504-~1561)
MotherChristian Keith , 5900
Birth Datebef 1559
Death Datebef Jun 1603 Age: 44
FatherPatrick Mowat 1st Laird Of Balquholly , 692 (ca1511-1564)
MotherMargaret Cheyne , 700
Family ID211
Marr Dateabt 1559
ChildrenMagnus , 697 (-1634)
 Isabella , 699 (-1601)
 Elizabeth , 827
 James , 698 (-~1642)
 Christian , 5576
 Jean , 5781
Notes for Christian Ogilvie
Ogilvie Christian Spouse of Patrick of Bolquhollie 26 Sep 1602 Sasine Aberd/Invern

Ogilvie Christian Relict of Patrick M of Bolquhollie 19 Sep1604 Sasine Aberdeen
Notes for Patrick (Spouse 1)
9 Oct 1559 Confirmation Charter31 to Patrick Mowat of Balquholly, Son of Patrick Mowat of Balquholly and Wife Christine Ogilvie of Lands of Mekle Top, Kerne Etc. In the Barony of Balquholly in Aberdeenshire.
John O' Groats Journal.: 1564- mentioned in Pitcairns Criminal Trials
1592- Ratification from Parliament of Scotland of lands and Barony of Balquholly, Loscragy, Freswick etc. in Caithness.
1564- Served heir to father.
1574- He and other Aberdeenshire Lairds sign bond of alligance.
1591- Gives caution that he and his men would keep King's peace.
1594- Gives bond not to harm Louis Craig of Balmatie. 1595- gives caution not to harm James Gordon of Newton;witnesses..William Mowat in Turriff, John Mowat of Balquholly, Walter, Robert, Magnus, Magnus, and James Mowat.
1588- infeft in lands and Barony of Balquholly.

Zetland County Families.: Had a charter from father of Meikle Colp 9 Oct 1559.

Spalding Papers: Witness to deed at Slains 1585. --------- Served heir in 1565 in lands in Freswick and Harpsdale in Caithness. Charter containing grant of patronage of Kirk of Canisbay in 1593. Presented Rev. Andrew Ogston to vacant charge in 1601.

Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland, Vol V.: 8 Apr 1565 at Stirling.- Ane lettir maid to Patrik Mowat of Balquhollie, his airis and assignais, ane or maa, of the gift of the nonentres (etc.) of the landis of Freswick and Harpisdaill with the pertinentis, liand within the schirefdome of Invernes, of all termes bigane (etc.) sen the deceis of umquhile Patrik Mowat of Balquhollie, fader to the said Patrik, quha deceissit in the moneth of ... the yeir of God (1564) yeiris..

Register of Sasines, Aberdeen- 12 May 1600, 11 Sept 1602..

Mowat Patrick - Decree of Removing: Patrick Movat of Bolquholly V. John Gray, Donald Perie and Others.- Gray Produced A Lease. Perie Appeared and Found Caution for Violent Profits While Decree Passed Against the Others in Respect of Their Neither Producing Title Nor Finding Caution. Andersone Reserved Action Against Mr Andrew Mowat, the Bailzie to the Laird of Bolquholly. 23 Jun 1584 "Aberdeenshire Sheriff Court Records "32

Mowat Patrick - Action of Removing: Patk. Mowat of Balquholly V. Thomas Persone Etc. 23 Jun 1584 "Aberdeenshire Sheriff Court Record "

Mowat Patrick Patrick Mowat of Bucholie is Mentioned As Being Witness to A Testamentary Deed by Andrew, Earl of Errol, At Slains Castle, 3rd October. 1585 "Spalding Club Papers"

Mowat Patrick -Action of Removing: Patrik Mowat of Boquhollie V. John Gray Regarding Lands of Brumhill.
Boquholly V. Thomas Persoun Regarding Part of Lands of Balmalie in the Parish of Turriff, Sasine 20 Feb 1578.
Bolquholly V. Donald Pyrie Regarding Part of Lands of Lyndrum, Sasine 7 Nov 1564. Jul 1584 "Aberdeenshire Sheriff Court Records "

Mowat Patrick- Patrik Mowat of Bochollie; to Mr George Abercrumby, writer to our Souerane Lordis Signet. Obligation 22 Jan 1588 "Register of Deeds"

Mowat Patrick- Patrik Mowat of Boquholle on one part; and Archebald Dempster, a portioner of Halcevallis, taking burthen for Martho Dempster at the Brigend of Kynarneit, on the other. Contract 9 Sep 1579 "Register of Deeds"

Mowat Patrick - Patrick Mowat of Balquholly...Of the Lands of Freswick and Harpsdale...Since the Decease of Patrick Mowat of Balquhollie, Father of the Said Patrick, Who Died in the Month of...1564. 8 Apr 1565 " Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland Volume5 1556-1567"

Mowat Patrick - Decree of Removing: Patrik Mowat of Boquholly V. Tenants. A Number of Holdings Are Mentioned. The Pursuer's Sasine Was Dated 7 Nov 1564.22 Jun1576 " Aberdeenshire Sheriff Court Records "

3 Apr 1592 Ratification to [Patrick Mowat], laird of Balquholly
Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament having [seen] and considered the new infeftment granted by his highness after his perfect age of 21 years complete to Patrick Mowat of Balquholly of the lands and barony of Lescragie, alias Balquholly, with the tower, fortalice thereof and pertinents of the same, together with the lands of Freshwick and others lying in Caithness, with the advocation, donation of the kirk of Cannesbie, tailzie and union contained in the same infeftment, which is of the date at Holyroodhouse, 6 February 1588 [1589]; which infeftment our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid ratify, approve and confirm in all points, articles and conditions thereof after the form and tenor of the same, and decree the said infeftment is to have full force, strength and effect, notwithstanding his highness's late revocation, under the which the same shall be in no way comprehended, but expressly reserved and excepted out of the same.

Mowat Patrick Of Balquhallie 11 Sep 1602 "Sasine Aberdeen"

Mowat Patrick Of Balquhallie 12 May 1600 "Sasine Aberdeen"

Mowat Patrick- Margaret Chene, relict of Patrik Mowet of Baquhellie, and James Dempstair of Auchterles now her spouse, on one part; and Patrik Mowet, son and heir of the said Patrik, on the other. Contract (anent her provisions, etc...)12 Feb 1566 "Calendar of Deeds in Acts and Decreets Volume 28"

Mowat Patrick - Decree of Removing: Patrik Mowat of Baquhollie V. Tenants. 30 Jun1595 "Aberdeenshire Sheriff Court Records"

Mowat Patrick - Bond by Patrick Mowatt of Boquhallie for Magnus Mowatt, His Son and Apparent Heir, and for James Mowatt, Also His Son, and Mawnis Mowatt, His Brother, Not to Harm James Gordoun of Newtoun, Dated At Edinburgh 28 July. Subscribed At Boquhallie, 6 Aug Before Alexander Forbes of Thanestoun, Williame Mowatt in Turreffe, Robert Mowatt in Balquhollie, Walter Mowatt There... 10 Aug 1595 "Register of the Council"

Mowat Patrick - Acts of Caution; Patrick Mowat of Balquholly, to Keep the King's Peace, Subscribed At Balquholly Before Mawnis(magnus) Mowat, Apparent of Balquholly, James Mowat, Son and William in Turriff. 19 Nov 1591 "Register of the Privy Council Volume4 1585-1592"
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